Best Workout Split for Beginners

If you want to gain muscle, get stronger, and have more muscle definition, using the right split routine can really make a difference. Let's look at the best strategies that can boost your muscle growth and improve your workouts.

What is a split workout? Split workout meaning

A split workout means you work out different muscle groups in each workout session and repeat this every week.

Starting a split workout means you give each muscle group. Why is this necessary? It's all about focusing your effort and giving your muscles time to recover. When you divide your workouts, you make sure that the muscles you've worked hard get enough time to rest and grow stronger.

On the other hand, when you work out all your muscles every time you exercise, it's called a full-body workout.

Are full body workouts better than split?

Full-body workouts are good for overall fitness, but they're like lightly watering your whole garden; everything gets a little water but doesn't get soaked. Full-body workouts touch on everything, but split routines dive deep into building each muscle group.

Deep-sea diving into muscle territory

Let's talk about why someone might choose split training. If we could work out all our muscles every day without getting tired, full-body workouts would be perfect.

But let's face reality.

  1. First, you likely don't have the energy to hit every muscle group effectively in a single session.
  2. Second, even if you did have the energy, chances are, you're short on time.
  3. And third, even if you could do both, doing that tough workout again the next day would be almost impossible.

This is precisely why split training becomes essential.

Now, let's back to "Beginners". Does the narrative above apply to them?

Split training vs Full body for Beginners

Beginners typically don't drain all their energy or require extensive recovery after a workout. For them, daily full-body sessions are feasible and beneficial. Think about it—does a beginner really have the capacity to blast their chest muscles alone for ninety minutes? Highly unlikely. Consistently working out a little bit of chest, back, shoulders, and arms—without splitting—might just be the winning ticket for a newbie.

In conclusion,
Each levels have different capabilities, and hence, require different split methods. This varies not only with the level of training but also from one individual to another.

Which Workout Split Is Best? Best Workout Split for Beginner

Got it. Let's break down the recommended splits according to difficulty levels and how each is structured.

  • Full-body workout routine - Beginner
    -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Full Body
    -Thursday: Rest
    -Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Full Body
  • 2 day split workout routine - Intermediate
    (Each body part thrice a week)
    -Monday: Lower Body
    -Tuesday: Upper Body
    -Wednesday: Lower Body
    -Thursday: Upper Body
    -Friday: Rest
    -Saturday: Lower Body
    -Sunday: Upper Body
  • 3 day split workout routine - Advanced
    (Each body part twice a week)
    - Monday: Lower Body
    - Tuesday: Shoulders, Back
    - Wednesday: Chest, Arms
    - Thursday: Lower Body
    - Friday: Shoulders, Back
    - Saturday: Chest, Arms
    - Sunday: Rest
  • 4 day split workout routine - Advanced/Professional athletes
    (Each body part once or more a week)
    - Monday: Chest
    - Tuesday: Back
    - Wednesday: Shoulders
    - Thursday: Lower Body
    - Friday: Chest
    - Saturday: Back
    - Sunday: Rest
  • 5 day split workout routine - Professional athletes
    (Each body part once a week)
    - Monday: Chest
    - Tuesday: Back
    - Wednesday: Shoulders
    - Thursday: Lower Body
    - Friday: Arms
    - Saturday, Sunday: Rest and additional work as needed

We've talked about various splits, but the best one truly aligns with your real-life scenario. If you're working a job, you might not always stick to a schedule, and that's okay. The best routine is the one that best fits into your life—remember, consistency over perfection will lead to the best results.👊

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