Romanian Deadlift vs Stiff Leg Deadlift

Same Name, Different Target Muscles?

Romanian deadlifts and stiff leg deadlifts may both fall under the deadlift category, but they target different muscle part. Are you choosing the right one based on what you aim to target? Knowing the difference and proper execution of each is crucial.

In this article, we'll cover everything from the Romanian Deadlift and Stiff Leg Deadlift muscles worked in each variant, to helpful gif, expert tips, and alternatives. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to select the workout best suited to your objectives. Get ready to make an informed choice for your fitness journey.

Romanian Deadlift: muscles worked, gif, tips, alternative, etc.

Romanian deadlift gif and proper form


Romanian deadlift gif

How to do Romanian Deadlift: Romanian Deadlift muscles worked

Coach's Tip

Romanian deadlift differs from conventional deadlift in that it proceeds without the plates touching the ground. It's the best workout for well-toned back muscles!

Benefits of Romanian Deadlift

  1. Enhanced Hamstring and Glute Activation: Romanian deadlift are particularly effective in targeting the hamstrings and glutes, more so than other deadlift variations.
  2. Lower Back Safety: They place less stress on the lower back compared to conventional deadlift, making them a safer option for those with back concerns.
  3. Greater Range of Motion: Romanian deadlift offer a larger range of motion, particularly in the hip hinge, which is beneficial for flexibility and muscle development.

Disadvantages of the Romanian Deadlift❗️

  1. Less Quadriceps Engagement: Compared to traditional deadlift, Romanian deadlift involve less work for the quadriceps.
  2. Requires Good Hip Mobility: To perform effectively, this exercise demands good hip mobility, which can be a limitation for some individuals.
  3. Balance and Stability Required: They require a significant amount of balance and stability, which might be challenging for beginners. However, compared to conventional deadlift, they can be a good starting point for beginners to learn deadlift techniques.

Romanian Deadlift Alternative 🔄

Dumbbell Deadlift , Deadlift , Rack Pull

Stiff Leg Deadlift: muscles worked, gif, tips, alternative, etc.

Stiff Leg Deadlift gif and form


Stiff Leg Deadlift gif

How to do Stiff Leg Deadlift Deadlift: Stiff Leg Deadlift muscles worked

Coach's Tip

When you're looking to target the back of your thighs, the stiff leg deadlift is the ideal exercise! Keep your back straight and core engaged as you push your hips back and lower the barbell to the floor. Paying attention to the name of the exercise "Stiff Leg" itself gives a good indication of where the focus lies in the movement.

  • The variety of Stiff Leg Deadlift forms → [Search 'Deadlift']
  • If you're looking for a more detailed guide on Stiff Leg Deadlift form, including form, muscles worked, starting position, breathing technique, and precautions, come check out our guide [Stiff Leg Deadlift form Guide]

Stiff Leg Deadlift Benefits ✅

  1. Intense Hamstring and Lower Back Engagement: This variation specifically targets the hamstrings and lower back muscles more intensely than other deadlift variations.
  2. Increased Hamstring Flexibility: Regular performance of stiff leg deadlift can lead to improved hamstring flexibility.
  3. Effective for Glute Activation: While focusing on the hamstrings, it also effectively engages the glutes, offering a comprehensive lower body workout.

Disadvantages of the Stiff Leg Deadlift ❗️

  1. Higher Risk of Lower Back Strain: Due to the stiff-legged nature, there's a greater risk of lower back strain if not performed with proper form.
  2. Less Quadriceps Involvement: Compared to other deadlift variations, it involves the quadriceps to a lesser extent.
  3. Requires Good Hamstring Flexibility: To perform this exercise effectively, good hamstring flexibility is necessary, which can be a limitation for some beginners. However, using lighter weights can make it a diverse and beneficial lower body exercise for beginners, adding variety to their lower body workouts.

Stiff Leg Deadlift Alternative 🔄

Leg curl , Barbell Hip Thrust , One Leg Knee Up


Romanian Deadlift vs Stiff Leg Deadlift

As we can see from the benefits of each exercise, despite sharing a name, Romanian and Stiff Leg Deadlift target completely different areas and involve distinct techniques.

Here's a detailed breakdown to help you determine which exercise might be the most effective and beneficial for you.

Planfit Users' Choice: Romanian Deadlift vs Stiff Leg Deadlift

Based on randomly selected data from 1 million completed workouts, Planfit users seem to prefer Romanian Deadlift with a total of 21699 completions compared to 10708 for Stiff Leg Deadlift.

An interesting fact is that, while men typically complete a higher number of reps in exercises like the Romanian deadlift, the completion rates for the Stiff Leg Deadlift are almost equal between men and women. This suggests that women tend to focus more on lower body exercises, as evidenced by these Planfit's database.

Curious about the preferences for other exercises? → Planfit's article

Who Should Choose Romanian Deadlift

  • Individuals Focusing on Overall Posterior Chain Strength: Beneficial for those looking to strengthen the entire backside of the body, including hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.
  • Those with Lower Back Concerns: Safer for the lower back due to the less intense strain compared to other deadlift variations.
  • Seeking Comprehensive Upper and Lower Body Engagement: Engages a broader range of muscle groups, offering a more balanced muscle development.

Who Should Choose Stiff Leg Deadlift:

  • Individuals Targeting Hamstrings and Glutes Specifically: Ideal for those focusing primarily on the lower body, particularly the back of the thighs and glutes.
  • Advanced Exercisers Seeking Intense Lower Body Workout: Provides a more intense workout for the hamstrings and lower back.
  • Those Who Can Handle More Lower Back Strain, Especially with Heavier Weights: Suitable for individuals who can safely manage the increased lower back engagement required by this exercise, particularly when lifting heavier weights.

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