The 5 Best Free Workout Apps for Beginners in 2024

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In the vast sea of workout apps, it's easy to feel lost. We've navigated through this digital landscape to bring you the top five free workout apps perfect for beginners. Plus, I’ll offer a comparative analysis with our own app, Planfit.

Our Picks for the Best Free Workout Apps in Each Category

  1. Free workout app : Caliber
  2. Best free Outdoor workout app : Nike Training club
  3. Best free Entertainment workout app : Fiit
  4. Best free apple watch workout app : Train Fitness
  5. Best free Home training app : Sworkit

Imagine having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and motivational coach, all in your smartphone, for free. And as we explore them, let's see how Planfit stands in this mix, subtly showcasing its own strengths.

Read through this article, pick the app that resonates with you, download it, and start moving.

1. Free workout app : Caliber

Caliber's Key Features:

    • Free Version:
      As highlighted on its page, Caliber's free version focuses on basic workout guidance and tracking, ideal for fitness beginners. It’s 100% free, with no ads or paywalls.
      • For more advanced features, Caliber Pro offers group coaching at $19/month, while Caliber Premium provides one-on-one coaching for about $200/month.
    • Top Features:
      The free version gives a taste of workout customization and progress tracking. The premium versions, however, boast extensive personalized coaching from experienced Caliber coaches(hire only 1% of coaches who apply to work with us), along with detailed workout plans.

Comparison with Planfit:

  • Personalization: While Caliber offers foundational routines, Planfit, as emphasized on its landing page, brings AI-driven personalization that adapts based on user performance and feedback.
  • Comprehensive Fitness Approach: Planfit's approach is more rounded, integrating not just workout guidance but also nutritional advice and motivational support through AI real-time coaching and personalized routine settings, in contrast to Caliber's one-on-one coaching in its premium service. However, Planfit offers a more affordable alternative with AI replacing professional coaches.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Both apps are beginner-friendly, but Planfit's AI-based interactive interface, designed for ease of use, makes it accessible for those new to fitness or preferring a more guided approach.
In summary, while Caliber's free version is a great starting point for basic workout support, Planfit provides a more robust and comprehensive AI-driven, personalized fitness journey, as outlined on its website, at a more affordable rate.

2. Best Outdoor workout app : Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club's Key Features:

  • Core Advantages: NTC is known for its quality workouts. It's user-friendly for beginners and home exercisers, offering a wide range of free, equipment-free activities. It's like shopping for workouts – pick what you like or what interests you.
  • Main Features: NTC's exercises, designed by professional trainers, cover various fitness levels and include a variety of outdoor workouts. Its interface, similar to Nike Run Club (NRC), makes it a great companion for those who enjoy a blend of indoor and outdoor fitness activities. The app comes with detailed instructions and videos, ensuring users can learn the correct form and technique for each exercise.
Nike Training Club

Comparison with Planfit:

  • Customization and AI Integration: Unlike NTC's wide variety, Planfit uses AI to create personalized workouts that adapt and evolve with your feedback, ensuring each routine is tailored to your fitness level.
  • Holistic Fitness Experience: Planfit offers a comprehensive fitness journey, combining workout planning, nutritional advice, and real-time motivation, providing a more rounded approach than NTC's focus on exercise alone.
  • Interactivity and Engagement: Planfit enhances the fitness experience with its interactive AI platform, offering personalized guidance and adapting to your needs, a step beyond NTC's educational content.
Essentially, while NTC provides a strong base with diverse workout options and expert guidance, Planfit stands out with its AI-integrated approach, offering tailored routines, nutrition guidance, and a more interactive fitness experience, all customized to the individual user.

3. Best free Entertainment workout app : Fiit

Fiit's Key Features:

  • Pricing Summary: Fiit offers a 14-day free trial with its Unlimited plans. The Yearly Unlimited plan costs $9.99 per month, while the Essential is $6.99 per month. There's a free but it's quite limited in features.
  • Key Features: Fiit's 14-day trial grants access to over 30 training plans and 1,000+ workouts, along with community challenges and group classes. It stands out with its game mode, where you can compete with users globally on leaderboards. Additionally, it syncs with over 30 fitness devices, like FitBit and Garmin, to track a variety of performance metrics.

Comparison with Planfit:

  • Content Variety, Customization, and Value: Fiit delivers over 30 training plans, DJ tracks, and Spotify connectivity for a rich multimedia workout, but these are exclusive to its paid plans.
    Planfit, however, offers a more accessible solution, emphasizing personalized, AI-driven workouts and interactive experiences. This approach ensures a more customized fitness journey that's both cost-effective and broad in its reach, catering to users without the need for extra devices or subscriptions.
  • Music and Health Integration: Although Fiit has an edge with music integration and device connectivity, Planfit focuses on delivering a holistic fitness experience that adapts to each user's unique needs and progress.
In essence, while Fiit offers an entertaining approach with its game mode and music features, Planfit stands out for its personalized AI coaching and adaptable workout plans, offering an effective and engaging fitness solution for users at all levels.

4. Best free apple watch workout app : Train Fitness

Train Fitness's Key Features

  • Apple Watch : Train Fitness is designed specifically for Apple Watch users, integrating AI into gym workouts to help users focus on technique instead of counting reps. One of its standout features is auto-recognition for up to 82 exercises, reducing the need to manually log each lift. This functionality streamlines the workout process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
Train Fitness for Apple Watch

Comparison with Planfit:

  • Apple Watch Connectivity: While Train Fitness is only tailored for Apple Watch, offering specific features that leverage the device, Planfit also integrates with Apple Watch, particularly in its premium version. This integration in Planfit allows for comprehensive workout tracking, including routine, simply workout logs and exercise analytics.
In summary, Train Fitness for Apple Watch offers specialized features for Apple Watch users, focusing on ease of use and exercise tracking.
However, Planfit's integration with Apple Watch, especially in its premium version, brings additional advantages, leveraging the watch's capabilities to enhance the AI-driven fitness experience, making it a versatile and comprehensive choice for a variety of users.

5. Best free Home training app : Sworkit

Sworkit's Key Features

  • Consistency and Lifestyle: Sworkit emphasizes turning exercise into a regular part of your life. Their programs are designed to make fitness a habit, helping you maintain lifelong health.
  • Convenience for Home Workouts: Sworkit epitomizes convenience for home or on-the-go training. From 1 to 90 minutes, it offers a range of exercises like strength training, stretching, cardio, and yoga, all without needing a gym or equipment.

Comparison with Planfit:

  • Home Training Adaptability: Like Sworkit, Planfit offers flexibility in choosing home workouts, customizing them to fit the equipment you have and your available time. However, Sworkit uniquely provides intuitive simplicity, allowing for as little as 10 minutes of effective daily workouts.
  • Personalization and Time Flexibility: Sworkit falls short in offering personalized plans, requiring users to wait for answers from certified trainers in its paid version. Planfit, in contrast, ensures efficient and goal-oriented home workouts through its AI-driven personalized coaching.
  • Enhanced Home Workout Experience: While Sworkit provides a strong platform for home workouts with convenient and flexible programs, Planfit enhances the experience with greater personalization and adaptability, tailored to your specific needs and available time.
In summary, Sworkit and Planfit both offer robust solutions for home workouts, but Planfit stands out with its AI-enhanced customization, making your fitness journey more efficient and personalized.


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