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Close Grip Cable Lat Pulldown

Lower, wide back

Coach's Tips

By using a close grip, you can bring target to the lower back muscles. Put it down to the collarbone.

How to

Starting Position

1. Adjust a cable machine to a mid-level height. 2. Attach a straight bar to the cable. 3. Stand in front of the cable machine, facing away from it. 4. Place your hands on the bar a few inches apart, palms facing each other. 5. Step back, extending your arms and leaning your torso slightly forward.

Proper Form

1. Keeping your arms straight and your torso stationary, pull the bar down towards your upper chest. 2. Exhale as you pull the bar down. 3. Hold for a second at the bottom of the movement and squeeze your back muscles. 4. Return to the starting position, inhaling as you do so.

Breathing Technique

1. Inhale as you return to the starting position. 2. Exhale as you pull the bar down.


1. Avoid using momentum to swing the bar down. 2. Keep your torso stationary and your arms straight throughout the exercise. 3. Do not arch your back or lean too far forward. 4. Do not lock your elbows at the top of the movement.

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