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Chin up

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Coach's Tips

Chin-up is the motion of raising the upper body with the strength of the back and biceps. Depending on how you hold the handle, it is called Pull-up when the palm is facing out, and Chin-up when it is facing inside!

How to

Starting Position

1. Make sure to keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the entire movement. 2. Don_ swing your body to gain momentum. 3. Don_ lock your elbows at the bottom of the movement. 4. Don_ arch your back at the top of the movement.

Proper Form

1. Slowly pull your body up towards the bar, keeping your elbows close to your body and your chin above the bar. 2. Once your chin is above the bar, pause for a moment, then lower your body back down to the starting position. 3. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Breathing Technique

1. As you pull your body up, exhale through your mouth. 2. As you lower your body back down, inhale through your nose.


1. Stand beneath the chin-up bar with your feet on the ground and your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 2. Reach up and grab the bar with an overhand grip, with your palms facing away from you. 3. Straighten your arms and jump up to the bar, engaging your core and glutes to maintain an active body position. 4. Hang from the bar with your arms fully extended.

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