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How to Leg Front Lift Jack

Starting Position

1. Make sure to keep your back straight and your core engaged throughout the exercise.

2. Do not lock your knees when you raise your leg.

3. Make sure to keep your toes pointed towards the ceiling.

4. Do not overextend your arms and avoid jerky movements.

Proper Form

1. Inhale as you slowly lower your right leg, keeping your heel on the ground.

2. Exhale as you raise your right leg back to the starting position, pushing through the heel.

3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

4. Switch legs and repeat.

Breathing Technique

1. Inhale as you lower your leg and exhale as you raise it back up.

2. Focus on maintaining a steady and controlled breathing pattern throughout the exercise.


1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms down by your side.

2. Lift your right leg in front of you, with your toes pointing towards the ceiling and your heel touching the ground.

3. Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

4. Lift your arms up to shoulder height, bent at the elbows, with your palms facing down.

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