Bicycle Recline Walk

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Coach's Tips


How to Bicycle Recline Walk

Starting Position

1. Make sure to adjust the seat to a comfortable position before beginning.

2. Do not tilt your body too far back, or you may strain your back.

3. Stop the exercise immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Proper Form

1. Begin pedaling forward at a slow to moderate pace.

2. Keep your back straight and your head up.

3. As you pedal, tilt your body back slightly.

4. Continue pedaling at the same speed and angle for the duration of the exercise.

Breathing Technique

1. Breathe deeply and evenly throughout the exercise.

2. Try to keep your breathing steady and relaxed.


1. Sit on a recumbent exercise bike with your feet on the pedals and your back supported by the seat.

2. Adjust the seat to a comfortable height and position.

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