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Coach's Tips


How to Climbing

Starting Position

1. Avoid locking your elbows or knees as you climb.

2. Make sure to stay close to the wall and use your arms and legs to pull yourself up.

3. Don_ overexert yourself and take breaks when needed.

Proper Form

1. Start by pushing off the wall with your feet to gain momentum.

2. Use your arms and legs to pull yourself up and alternate between the holds.

3. Make sure to use your core to keep your body stable and move your feet up the wall.

Breathing Technique

1. Take deep breaths at regular intervals throughout the exercise.

2. Exhale as you push off the wall and inhale as you pull yourself up.


1. Stand upright in front of the wall and reach up to grab the holds with both hands.

2. Place your feet firmly on the wall and make sure your body is close to the wall.

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