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Coach's Tips

Increasing the slope and progressing the treadmill can put a greater load on the muscles, not on the knees and ligaments. It reduces the burden on the body and burns calories much more!

How to Incline Treadmill Running

Starting Position

1. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become comfortable with the incline.

2. Check your posture regularly to ensure you are not leaning too far forward or backward.

3. Monitor your heart rate and stop running if you feel any pain or discomfort.

4. Be aware of the speed and incline settings and adjust if necessary to prevent injury.

Proper Form

1. Begin walking on the treadmill at a slow pace.

2. Increase the speed of the treadmill as you become accustomed to the incline.

3. Focus on keeping your posture upright, your head up, and your shoulders back.

4. Engage your core and keep your hips and shoulders level.

Breathing Technique

1. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth as you start running on the incline.

2. Maintain a steady, rhythmic breathing pattern throughout your run.

3. Focus on exhaling fully and deeply to help your body oxygenate.


1. Adjust the incline on the treadmill to the desired level.

2. Stand on the treadmill with your feet hip-width apart, facing the control panel.

3. Position your hands lightly on the handrails for balance, but do not grip the handrails.

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