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Coach's Tips


How to Jump Rope

Starting Position

1. Make sure to keep your body upright and don't lean forward or backward.

2. If you feel any pain in your joints, stop and consult a doctor.

3. Make sure you have enough room to jump without hitting any obstacles.

Proper Form

1. Start with a basic jump, with both feet leaving the ground at the same time and landing on both feet at the same time.

2. As you jump, swing the rope over your head, and bring your arms down and around your body.

3. As the rope passes over your head, jump again.

Breathing Technique

1. Breathe in as you jump, and exhale as the rope passes over your head.

2. Focus on your breathing - it should be slow and steady.


1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold the rope at hip level with both hands.

2. Keep your elbows close to your sides.

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