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Plank Jack with Towel


Coach's Tips


How to

Starting Position

1. Make sure you don't arch your back or let your hips drop. 2. Don't let your feet slide on the towel. 3. Avoid jerky movements and take your time with each rep.

Proper Form

1. Jump your feet out wider than hip-width apart, keeping your core engaged and your back flat. 2. Jump your feet back together to the starting position. 3. Repeat the movement for a desired amount of reps.

Breathing Technique

1. As you jump your feet out, inhale deeply. 2. As you jump your feet back together, exhale.


1. Start in a high plank position on the floor, with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart and your core engaged. Place a towel underneath your feet. 2. Make sure your body is in a straight line from your head to your heels.

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