Foam Roll Lying Quadriceps

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How to Foam Roll Lying Quadriceps

Starting Position

1. Avoid rolling over any bony areas, such as the knee or hip joints.

2. Start with gentle pressure and gradually increase the pressure if needed.

3. If the pressure is too intense, move the roller to a less tender area.

4. Stop the exercise if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Proper Form

1. Slowly roll your body forward and backward over the foam roller, allowing it to move up and down your quadriceps muscle.

2. Roll over the roller for about 30 seconds, moving slowly.

3. When you find a tender spot, stop and hold the pressure for 10 to 20 seconds.

4. After releasing the pressure, move the roller further up or down your quadriceps muscle and repeat the process.

Breathing Technique

1. When rolling over the foam roller, inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

2. When you find a tender spot, take a deep breath in and then exhale as you hold the pressure.


1. Lie face down on the floor or a mat with a foam roller placed under one of your legs, just above your knee.

2. Place your hands on the floor for balance and support.

3. Lift your chest off the floor and rest your forehead on your hands.

4. Bend your other leg and place your foot flat on the floor for stability.

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